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Nini di Boxerita
Best Baby Atibox 2011

Utopia & Copia
Jahressieger France 2008 mother and daughter Champions together!!!

Gol di Boxerita
13/12/1997 - 16/10/2008
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17 July 2012 // Updates
We are back Online... in next days all updates will be online!!!
29 September 2011 // Updates
The Gallery of Germany is online!!!!!!
19 September 2011 // Updates
We are back online!!! Sorry for this time
Soon online new our many galleries N litter and other
Many many amazing results of our boxer in Show!!! Soon online!!!
In few days online Gallery of Germany 2011
Soon online new Breding program - we wait many litters!!!
Many updates are comings soon!!!!
1 February 2011 // Puppies
We have puppies!!!! The N litter is born!!!!! Breeding page
29 Novenber 2010 // Breeding
Chiara! Today the Mating with Fashion-Guy von Khanbalic!!!! Breeding page
25 Novenber 2010 // Updates
Females page update Click Here
20 November 2010 // Breeding
Chiara in Heat!!!!! Soon the mating....
23 May 2010 // Puppies
New photos and gallery online!!! Click Here!!!
The names of girls are online!!! Click Here!!!
New link in link page. Boxering.net
15 May 2010 // Kenoby / result

Kenoby - I.P.O. V

Big compliments for our Kenoby and his owner!!!!!!
24 April 2010 // Puppies
Wonderful News!!!Today the puppies of M-Litter are born!!! Click Here!!!
Soon the info and the gallery!!!!
30 March 2010 // Updates
2 New Videos of attack in Training Gallery Click Here
Results Expo of Jarabe in Jarabe info page.
18 March 2010 // Breeding
Kappa is pregnant finally!!! We attend the puppies for end April CLICK HERE
17 February 2010 // Breeding
Kappa! Today the Mating with Hercules del Cielo di Marte son of our Gol!!!!
3 February 2010 // Breeding
Kappa in Heat!!!!! Soon the mating..... CLICK HERE
23 December 2009 // Updates
New Video in Training Gallery Click Here
Results Expo of Jarabe in Jarabe info page.
2 new photos of Copia in Copia gallery.
4 new photos of Chiara in Chiara gallery.
12 September 2009 // Expo
The Gallery of Saturday Online!!!!
Click Here...!!!
Soon The Gallery of Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9 September 2009 // Expo
Copia Chiara and Jarabe in Show in German Jahressieger
Copia 3° place in Intermedia Class! Thanks Nina!!!!
Chiara and Jarabe not in final but very good presentation
Soon The Gallery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16 April 2009 // Health
Great News!!! Official result of Copia and Chiara:
Copia HD B - Hz AS0 / PS0
Chiara HD B - Hz AS0 / PS0
The sister Chanelle HD A - Hz AS0 / PS0 and Mamma Utopia HD A
Good Girls!!!!!!!!!! www.contilia.com
26 February 2009 // New arrival in our kennel!!!
Chiara con Tilia arrived in our family!!! Female page!
29-30 November 2008 // Coco Bill / expo


Double Expo International of Zagreb 29-30 / 11 / 2008:
First day - 1° Ecc  Working Class -  C.A.C. - C.A.C.I.B. - B.O.B.
Second day -  1° Ecc  Working Class -  C.A.C.
Bravo Coco!!! Dad Gol would be proud of You...
13 October 2008 // Updates
Jahressieger France - Result and Gallery Online!!! Click Here
4-5 October 2008 // News Expo

Copia - Jugendjahressiegerin France 2008

Copia's won the title in a difficult competition against 24 females! Dad Gol is very Proud! Brava Copia!!!
On sunday also mother Topi's won!!!! - Jahressiegerin, Best female and BIS
Thanks Dunja and Eric!!! 2 unforgettable days..
17 September 2008 // Updates
New male in males page!!!
New photos of Gol in Gol Gallery.
6 June 2008 // Updates
4 new photos of Gol in Gol Gallery.
4 new photos of Kappa in Kappa gallery.
THANKS Aine!!!
3 new Link - Aine Photographer, Antonio Troina Photos and Napmarys boxers.
13 April 2008 // Gol and Copia / expo
Wonderful News!!! Gol has won in veteran class!!! The results!!!
Copia for the first time in Expo!
23 March 2008 // News!!!
Wonderful News!!! Chiara con Tilia for the first time in Expo!
Chiara was titled "Meilleur Espoir" of the show!!!!!!!!!
Compliments! We are very happy and Proud!!!
10 February 2008 // Updates
3 new Females in females page!!!
New project of Breeding!!!
13 new photos of Copia con Tilia in Copia gallery.
2 new Link - Boxer dell'Irsa and Akrosja Boxer
1 new video of Gol 10 years old
9 January 2008 // New arrival in our kennel!!!
Copia con Tilia arrived in our family, giving us a lot of joy, happiness and hope!
We thank Dunja and Erik for trusting us their little Girl!
Copia`s page and her gallery will be online soon...
Gol di Boxerita
13 December 2007 // Gol

10 YEARS!!!!

Click Here

pups Gol & Utopia
06 November 2007 // Gol / puppies
Wonderful news!!!! The puppies of Gol and Topi are born!!!! www.contilia.com
Coco Bill delle Tre Fontane
05 November 2007 // Coco Bill / expo
Expo International Viterbo 3-4 / 11 / 2007:
 1° Ecc  Working Class -  C.A.C. - C.A.C.I.B. - B.O.B.
22 October 2007 // Boxerita website on-line
Thank you, Dunja!
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